All about your celebrations

Festive offers

Nestled in 4 acres of parkland, the historic hunting lodge promises a refined atmosphere for your private treat.

The castle hall

History with modern comfort

With its purple walls and crystal chandeliers, the stately castle hall invites up to 60 people to party. Whether wedding, birthday or anniversary! Be the lord of the castle and the princess for one night and use the exclusivity of the hunting lodge completely for your own event - the 17 rooms and suites in the castle are only for you and your guests an immense plus point. Thus nothing stands in the way of the undisturbed celebration!

Your dream wedding - your castle

"Yes I do!"

Not only during your say in the park, at the aperitif in front of the castle, the dinner in the hall, the party in the foyer, but also at night you should own the hunting lodge. It can be your personal dream castle for one day. Your wedding day will henceforth accompany you as one of your most precious memories. For this we offer you a breathtaking scenery. Capture the best moments in our sprawling castle park with its fountain, Schlossallee, wine cellar or own farm garden.