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With ingredients straight from the Hohenlohe vineyards

SanVino is our own care line. The valuable ingredients of the product line come directly from the Hohenlohe vineyards: cold-pressed grape seed oil, red wine and grape seed extracts. Highly effective antioxidants and essential oils serve to protect and improve your skin. Soothing and regenerating treatments for the care of every skin give SanVino its clear character and underline the claim “SanVino Vino cura naturalis health through wine!”

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Let yourself be pampered.

Our SanVino Wellness & Wine offers


Feel-Good Moment
SanVino Wellness Facial Care

Enjoy a relaxing facial treatment with the “best of the grapes”. A welcome ritual, cleansing, exfoliation, peeling, massage and facial mask pamper you and your skin. Pure pampering – all natural!


50 minutes 105 €
Öl SanVino

Perfect Care – Classic Face Treatment

The classic, intensive facial treatment  for the special skin requirements of your skin. After cleansing, red wine peeling, cleansing and eyebrow correction, you will feel the exquisite active ingredients of red wine: moisturizing, invigorating and revitalizing. Rounded off by an extensive facial massage and a revitalising mask, your skin will shine in new freshness. Pure pampering – for new freshness! 


75 minutes 140 €
Schüssel Sanvino-Treatment

Friedrichsruhe Beauty – SanVino Facial Ritual

The facial care experience with the finest SanVino raw
materials from natureCleansing ceremonies for hands
and feeta bioenergetic head and neck massage let your
mind wander. Intensively cleansing and classic treatment elements,
followed by a facialneck and décolleté massage with
warmed grape seed oilnot only improve blood flow and
vitalise your skinbut also naturally relax and smooth your
facial featuresA special highlight is the regenerating
grape seed modelagePure pampering  for new vitality!

Please choose from the following topics:
– Detox
– Anti-Aging


95 minutes 185,00€


Bathhouse Rituals 

Bathing as a Tradition


SanVino Bathhouse Ritual I

SanVino steam bath and SanVino soap brush massage. Arrive, let’s go, switch off – cleansing sensory journey for body and soul! 

35 minutes 1 person 85,00 €
70 minutes 2 persons 160,00 €

SanVino Bathhouse Ritual II

SanVino steam bath, SanVino soap brush massage, SanVino bath experience with care bath and soft drink. Warmth, water, well-being – pure care from the vineyard! 

70 minutes 1 person 135,00 €
95 minutes 2 persons 240,00 €

SanVino Bathhouse Ritual III

SanVino steam bath, SanVino soap brush massage, SanVino bath experience with care bath, SanVino relax massage and soft drink. Peace, freedom, new body feeling – deep relaxation just for you! 

120 minutes 1 person 240,00 €
145 minutes 2 persons 450,00 €

Hohenlohe Roman Ritual Rasul

The Rasul is a bathing ritual in a special steam bath – for you, as a couple or with friends. Various care muds are applied to the entire body by yourself. The natural muds clarify the skin and stimulate the blood circulation in a pleasant way. At the same time, they stimulate the metabolism and promote the purification processes to the maximum.
A very special experience!

30 minutes 2 persons 105,00 €
30 minutes 3 persons 125,00 €
30 minutes 4 persons 145,00 €

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Are you interested

Visit our SANVINO Website.

Are you interested

Visit our SANVINO Website.