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In our 4.400m² Spa in Friedrichsruhe we care about your wellbeing.
The Spa- and Wellness World fascinates with high-quality equipment.

On the ground-floor you can find:

On the upper floor you can find:

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Spa philosophy

We include nature in our thoughts and actions. Thus peace is created using rituals, sensuality by touch, freshness by plant power, youthfulness by natural ingredients, relaxation by the scent of wood, warmth by fire. Nature in its pleasant diversity. Respire!

Geomantic profiles

The effects of natural disturbance zones of water veins and magnetic fields have been measured in advance of the entire planning. Water veins are attenuated with naturally grown rock crystal tips, which are aligned against the direction of flow of the water veins. You won't notice. It only does you good and gives you strength!

The feeling of well-being

Feel good and have the luxury of only thinking about yourself. Consciously do something for yourself with every breath, this is the greatest luxury you can afford. This is where it is lived. Peace and security. An ideal little world where everything is only about you. Your needs are worth listening to and your wishes are exceeded. Luxury for the soul – time for you! Experience the pleasure of peace, time and space – only you count. The world stays outside.

Learn from nature

Landscapes and nature form an inexhaustible reservoir of inspiration for the imagination. They are incorporated into the architecture, interior design and treatment areas and create pleasant zones of well-being for you.

Materials and colours

Expressive woods, fine fabrics, striking stones and ceramics in natural colours with a pleasant feel, let you immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere of earthy nature in a fine composition with silky luxury.

The interaction

Let it sink in. You are surrounded by nature. High windows let the green in, expressive woods speak from inside to outside and striking stones can be found in your surroundings. Energy flows – everything is in equilibrium.

Fitness & Personal Training

Enjoy the wonderful nature that surrounds us during a forest walk or take advantage of the services of our trained
sports therapists. Individual personal training as well as gymnastics in small groups and golf are possible at any

Cardio-Geräte im Fitnessstudio

Fitness & Personal Training

Genießen Sie bei einem Waldlauf die wunderbare Natur, welche uns umgibt, oder nutzen Sie das Angebot unserer ausgebildeten Sporttherapeuten. Individuelles Personaltraining sowie Gymnastik in Kleingruppen und Golfen sind jederzeit möglich.

Cardio-Geräte im Fitnessstudio

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We would be happy
to help you organize and reserve.

We would be happy
to help you organize and reserve.

We would be happy to help you organize and reserve.