Spa Treatments

For your natural beauty and balance

With natural activation of your self-regulation forces in cosmetic- and body-concepts we facilitate a new kind of wellbeing.

With sincere devotion, professional work and understandable benefits it is about your valuable health. We want to make you shine in all aspects of your wellbeing.

With carefully selected care line-concepts we look after your wellbeing. Inspired by nature or in the name of beauty you can experience the perfect interaction of effective treatments and intensive care. Let yourself be pampered with SanVino – the best of the grapes from Hohenlohe, the dermo-cosmetic treatment-methods byReviderm, Comfort Zone with natural ingredients and advanced high-tech-molecules or with the natural care of selected healing plants by Pharmos Natur.

Let yourself be inspired and discover the potential of inner balance as an essential component for vitality and joy of living.
Experience the innovative and holistic spa-concept in the Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe.

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Demanding Skin

Intensive care with effect

Pure Purity – Purifying Facial

The basic treatment for youthful, impure skin. Cleansing, exfoliation and deep cleansing in combination with balancing care products and application steps bring your skin back into balance.

50 minutes pampering time € 82.00

Intensive renewal - Reviderm Cell Regeneration

The intensive facial treatment to improve the skin structure in dry or blemish prone skin. Cleansing, exfoliation and microdermabrasion form the basis of the treatment. Thereafter, your skin needs will be specifically addressed with cleansing, ampoule and serum. A facial mask and final treatment complete the treatment. Intensive care for a new skin feeling!

75 minutes pampering € 125.00

New Energy - Reviderm Cell Revitalization

The regeneration treatment for the demanding skin. After cleansing, the peeling is applied and the eyebrows are fassioniert. The subsequent microdermabrasion prepares the skin optimally for the following care steps. The active ingredients are applied in the form of an individual ampoule, a serum and a high-quality hydrolage. A relaxing facial massage gives your skin new energy. Active care for a visibly smooth immediate effect!

105 minutes pampering € 160.00

The charisma - Reviderm Premium Skindesign

This high-performance skin care treatment specifically targets your skin needs with individual active ingredients. After cleansing, peeling and microdermabrasion, a mask with mineral hydro balance system forms the culmination of the treatment. It immediately has a smoothing effect. An individual serum specially formulated for your skin needs supports this effect. In conjunction with relaxation rituals, you celebrate a premium treatment for a visible result.

105 minutes pampering € 225.00

Frau nimmt Fußbad

Beauty Care

Pampering time for hands and feet

Holistic Hand Ritual - suppleness of hands

Let your hands be pampered – with soap brush massage, peeling, nail care and detailed massage of the hands, forearms and elbows.

60 minutes of pampering € 70.00

Cosmetic hand care

Cleansing hands, shaping nails, applying nail care, care product.

45 minutes of pampering € 58.00
with painting the nails (including nail polish) 75.00 €

Cosmetic foot care

Invigorating footbath, shaping nails, removing calluses, applying care product.

45 minutes of pampering € 58.00
with painting the nails (including nail polish) € 75.00

Cosmetic extras

These services can only be booked in conjunction with a facial treatment:

Eyelashes dye € 25.00
Eyebrows dye € 15.00
Eyebrow correction € 25.00
Depilation face from € 20.00
Touch-up (5 min short make-up) € 15.00

Make up

Day make-up € 35.00
Bride or gala make-up from € 75.00

Classic Massage

New vitality and balance

New vitality – partial body massage

Completely according to your wishes, the legs, the back or the shoulder-neck area are treated with classic massage grips, in the intensity you wish. Feel new vitality after an active day!

25 minutes of pampering € 45.00

Muscular balance – full body massage

The entire body is massaged, with specific attention being paid to your personal treatment focus. Muscular balance for maximum body freedom!

45 minutes of pampering € 80.00
75 minutes of pampering € 120.00

New ways – back and leg massage

This loosening and relaxing massage for back and legs gives you comforting relief. Warm grape seed oil or grape seed oil balm nourish and pamper with a pleasant fragrance. Experience new ways and energy for your day!

25 minutes of pampering € 45.00

Time out for the feet – foot reflexology

The targeted selective massage of the foot reflex zones and balancing strokes on the foot have a particularly relaxing and activating effect on the whole body. In tune with a warm foot bath, the entire metabolism is stimulated and thus positively influenced. Experience an intensive foot massage in a completely different way!

50 minutes of pampering € 85.00

Source of rest – lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a soothing, rhythmically stroking manual massage that follows the lymphatic channels of the body. Flowing light massage grips with gentle pressure specifically reduce tissue congestion for a lighter body feeling. A source of rest with high effectiveness!

25 minutes of pampering € 45.00
50 minutes of pampering € 85.00

Wellnessanwendung Entspannung

Massage Rituals


SanVino grapeseed oil massage

The relaxing full body massage with heated grape seed oil gives new energy and strength. Warm grapeseed pillows relax and relax the muscles during the massage. The coronation is the revitalizing head massage for the highest well-being.

50 minutes of pampering € 85.00
75 minutes of pampering € 125.00

SanVino invigorating full body massage

The refreshing, invigorating body massage with coordinated care products. Experience cooling, sparkling red wine to strengthen the tissue and pure grape seed oil for intensive care of the skin in conjunction with an invigorating massage. As a special highlight, your skin will be spoiled with the scent of SanVino.

50 minutes of pampering € 90.00
75 minutes of pampering € 135.00

SanVino body anointing

Delicately melting body balm from grapeseed oil and shea butter nourishes your skin like velvet and silk and envelops you during the sensual massage with a wonderful fragrance. Experience intensive care!

30 minutes pampering € 55.00

Harmonic Sense Tour - Comfort Zone Aromasoul mediterranean ritual massage

A massage ritual inspired by Mediterranean cultures, the power of the sea and the refreshing, soothing scent of basil, orange, lemon, bergamot, aniseed, mandarin and oregano. Gentle, wave-like massage movements strengthen the entire body, refresh the mind and leave a deep sense of well-being and relaxation. A sensory journey that allows you to arrive, enjoy and forget the time – indescribably relaxing!

65 minutes pampering € 110.00

Momentum for Ease - Pharmos Natur Veda Me

The detoxification treatment for the whole body. Enjoy this experience treatment with the perfect power of selected plants and feel the momentum more easily. Warm foot compresses invite to deep relaxation. After an exfoliating massage of pure algae and natural aloe vera, you will enjoy an unmistakable full body massage with the oil of kings. In order to develop its full power, the royal oil with its over 100 active ingredients, starting from the feet to the head, is gently massaged into the skin. The skin metabolism is activated, slag and congestion are literally discharged from your body. As if by magic, stress, ballast and tension disappear. Feel the flow of energy! True beauty and vitality for the whole body.

75 minutes pampering € 135.00

SanVino Körperbutter

Humidity & Relaxation 

Careful attention to your Charisma

Invigorating freshness - Comfort Zone - Hydramemory

Relaxation and pure moisture for the dehydrated skin of the face, neck and décolleté. A welcome ritual with the scents of vanilla, rose, cedar and orange will lead you to deep tranquility. The combination of cleansing, peeling, serum, massage and mask indulges the skin intensively and lets it shine in new splendor. A lot of freshness and vitality for your skin!

50 minutes pampering € 82.00

Individual Power - Comfort Zone Skin Regimen

Renewal and revitalization of your skin through the synergy of alpha hydroxy acids and the longevity complex. Individually selected booster boosters such as Vitamin C, Hyaloron, Tulsi or Retinol combined with essential oils combat the fatigue of your skin. A unique experience – for the skin and the mind!

75 minutes pampering € 125.00

Primal Moisture - Pharmos Natur - Maya Me

Experience the feel-good treatment with the special luxury of nature. Aloe vera gel, fresh from the plant leaf, provides the skin with intense moisture. Valuable essences, liposomes and oils give the skin a lively appearance. In the meantime, you can experience wonderful relaxation in the face, neck, décolleté, neck, arms and hands massage. The special features of the Maya-Me mask conjure youthful freshness on your skin. Enjoy living freshness of course!

90 minutes of pampering € 140.00


For the man

Specials for the man

Secret of Wine -SanVino Men's Treatment

Feel the scent of ripe vines in the dew of the morning vineyard. Discover wine and vines as godparents for the effective care of the man. The revitalizing head massage, facial cleansing and revitalizing facial massage are a blessing and relax completely. A subsequent face pack nourishes and moisturizes the skin! Freshness, clarity, liveliness – especially for men’s skin!

50 minutes pampering € 82.00

Time Man - Comfort Zone Men Performance

Purity, strengthening, freshness – with a special care program, especially for men’s skin. A welcome ritual, facial cleansing and activating exfoliation, followed by a relaxing facial massage and fast-absorbing care form a unit that is specially designed to meet the high demands of men’s skin. Active care and relaxation for him.

50 minutes pampering € 82.00

Focus on Man - Manager Treatment

The anti-aging treatment for the discerning man who wants to give himself and his skin not only a break, but also active regeneration with visible results. Intensive cleansing and microdermabrasion form the basis of this effective turbo-treatment. Concentrated active ingredients activate the functions of the skin and sustainably build up its own protection. For a strengthened skin feeling!

75 minutes pampering € 125.00

Schüssel SanVino Kosmetik

Body Treatments

SanVino wine wellness

SanVino grape seed scrub

Ground grape seeds mixed with a recipe of the finest SanVino raw materials from nature. Gentle and yet intense. Your skin is refined in the most natural way and wonderfully cared for.

30 minutes of pampering € 50.00

SanVino red wine peeling

The finest SanVino raw materials from the grape are combined to form this unique, skin-refining scrub. The invigorating effect prepares optimally for the subsequent application. The skin is noticeably supple and refreshed.

30 minutes of pampering € 50.00

SanVino bathing experience

Enjoy the relaxation for body and soul and dive into this regenerating bath – a mixture of the raw materials of the grape seed and the rock salt.

30 minutes of pampering
1 person € 50.00
2 persons € 80.00

SanVino soap brush massage

The intensive, circulation-enhancing brush massage with the creamy lather of pure natural peeling soap cleanses your skin in the most natural way. Experience a wonderful feeling of purity!

30 minutes of pampering € 50.00


Bathroom Rituals

Bathing is a tradition

SanVino Bathhouse Ritual I

SanVino steam bath and SanVino soap brush massage. Arrive, release, switch off – purifying sensory journey for body and soul!

35 minutes 1 person € 58.00
70 minutes 2 persons € 115.00

SanVino Bathhouse Ritual II

SanVino steam bath, SanVino soap brush massage, SanVino bathing experience with nursing bath and soft drink. Warmth, water, wellbeing – pure care from the vineyard!

70 minutes 1 person € 108.00
95 minutes 2 persons € 175.00

SanVino Bathhouse Ritual III

SanVino steam bath, SanVino soap brush massage, SanVino bathing experience with nursing bath, SanVino relax massage and soft drink.
Rest, freedom, new body feeling – deep relaxation only for you!

120 minutes 1 person € 178.00
145 minutes 2 people € 330.00

Frau auf BEWEI-Liege


Beauty for face and body

DEMANDING SKIN // Intensive care with effect

Skin’s own protective and regenerative mechanisms can be stimulated and strengthened in their function to slow down the natural aging process of the skin. An effective treatment for this is microdermabrasion. Optimally coordinated active ingredients allow us to respond to the individual needs of your skin and achieve sustainable results.

BEAUTY CARE // Pampering time for hands and feet
CLASSIC MASSAGE // New vitality and balance
HUMIDITY & RELAXATION // Careful attention to your Charisma
FOR THE MAN // Specials for the man

Men’s skin is different from a woman’s – and therefore your needs. Effective ingredients with fresh scents and clear, unfussy processes with a comprehensible result. Focus on possible signs of tiredness, stress or stress. By using pleasant, light textures, you get a fresh, vibrant complexion to support your vitality. Try it. You have earned it!

BODY TREATMENTS // SanVino wine wellness
BATHROOM RITUALS // Bathing from tradition

Icon Wellness

SanVino Bathhouse Ritual I

SanVino steam bath and SanVino soap brush massage. Arrive, release, switch off – purifying sensory journey for body and soul!

35 minutes 1 person
€ 58.00
70 minutes 2 persons
€ 115.00