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The air is heated by an infusion in the sauna on hot stones (approx. 400°C). The water that is poured on the stones evaporates, but condenses again on the cooler skin and moisturizes it. The sauna visitor sweats less and experiences a pleasant cooling. As there is always moist air, the water film on the skin does not evaporate, giving the impression of a rise in temperature. Our sauna master can use different wading or fan techniques to distribute the steam in the sauna evenly. For special infusions, essential oils with different effects are also added. After the sauna session a cooling should take place, this can be done by an application in the cold water pool / hydro pool or in the ice grotto

Women’s Sauna

This area is available to women only for 365 days a year. Here you can enjoy the wonderful relaxation of the different saunas. There is a Finnish sauna or sanarium and a steam bath, including a seating island exclusively for women.

Finnish sauna 

Traditional sauna variant from Finland. Temperatures of up to 120°C and humidity of about 10%. The sauna is characterized by the alternation between hot and cold. After a visit to the sauna, you can cool off in the open air, in an ice cave or in a cold water pool (hydro-pool). This stimulates the circulation and circulation, strengthens the immune system and purifies and detoxifies the body. After each sauna session a rest break of 20-30min should be taken. 2-3 sauna sessions are recommended.

Cold Water Pool / Hydro Pool

In the knee-deep cold water pool you can stimulate your circulation and get it back on track. Also particularly useful for venous diseases and lymphatic congestion.

Ice Grotto

The ice grotto is a cold room with an ice shower with cold fog or rain. It is also possible to scrub the body with “Crushed Ice. This closes the opened pores after the sauna, refreshes the skin and promotes blood circulation.

Steam Bath

Temperatures of up to 60°C and a 100% humidity. The heated water vapor moisturizes and liberates the skin and the respiratory tract. The pores are opened and cleaned by the water vapor. The steam bath produces a very high humidity, which lets you perceive the temperature as very high. The stay in the steam bath is perceived by some as more milder than in the classic sauna.


A sanarium is like a gentle sauna with temperatures of approx. 60°C and humidity of approx. 50%. Due to the mild temperatures and the lower humidity you can extend the stay to approx. 30min. Afterwards you should cool down and take a rest.

Experience Shower

The aim of an experience shower is to boost the circulation. This is done by different forms of a sprinkler shower with different pressures and temperatures.


* A minimum age of 16 years applies for the use of our sauna area.

Wohlbefinden & Entspannung

Erleben Sie wohltuende Saunagänge und professionelle Aufgüsse, die Ihren Aufenthalt zu einem Erlebnis werden lassen in unserer Klafs-Saunenwelt.

We would be happy
to help you organize and reserve.

We would be happy
to help you organize and reserve.

We would be happy to help you organize and reserve.